soap makers on a mission

We are American soap makers on a mission to make clean, natural soap a part of your everyday life, just as it should be.
how it started

From solo soap maker to dedicated team

Our journey began with Joanna, a devoted soap enthusiast who, after years of crafting soap for her loved ones, had a powerful idea: bring the joy of clean, natural soap to everyone.

With this inspiration, she laid the foundation for The Bubble Factory, a place where soap isn't just a product but a symbol of honesty, transparency, and care.

Today, our team has grown into a close-knit community of passionate soap makers and dedicated staff, all driven by Joanna's enduring vision. We’ve dedicated ourselves to preserving the old tradition of crafting soap the right way—from scratch using the cold-process method.

how it's going

From the heart of our factory to your hands

Our factory isn't just where we make soap; it's where our dedication to quality and authenticity comes to life. Every batch we create, every soap bar we mold, carries the essence of our dedication to creating clean and natural soap bars made with simple ingredients.

From the heart of our factory to your hands, we're here to offer more that soap; it's a touch of care and nurture for your daily life.

Handmade in the USA

Cosmetic GMP Certified

Women-Owned & Operated

Real soap made the right way